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CHITRA SHANKAR- an exponent of Odissi and Bharatanatyam



" Chitra has matured by leaps and bounds. She has striking stage presence and sense of Abhinaya."
- Shanta Serbjeet Singh, Hindustan Times

" Chitra brings visual delight to the audience with the perfect use of her expressive eyes. "
- Leela Venkataraman, The Hindu

" Chitra seems to have that sparkle which brings about tremendous visual beauty to the performance."
- Kuwait Times

" Chitra brings a superb combination of fluid, sinuous grace in her movements, along with expressive and mesmerising eye movements, that enhance the beauty of the art."
- V.V.Prasad, Indian Express

" A breath of fresh air....her striking stage presence and a sense of 'aharya', Chitra impressed with her abhinaya."
- National Herald, New Delhi

Chitra Shankar

"Chitra does full justice to the Ashtapadis..and is very well suited for Odissi dance performance. She can look forward to many more bouquets."
- Subbudu, The Statesman.

"Chitra moves with the grace of a lyre breaking into dance."
- Shanta Serbjeet Singh, Hindustan Times

"Chitra enthrals audience."
- K. Sashi Kumar, Indian Express

Chitra Shankar

" Chitra is one of the most successful young danseuses of Odissi style. Each part of her dance is so neatly executed that one gets completely moved and overwhelmed. "
- Hariharan, Times of India

"Chitra was impressive with her fine iconographic postures...fluent footwork, accurate postural stances, good stage presence and sensitive portrayal of the various moods of nayikas and devotees makes her recital a thoroughly enjoyable experience."
- N.K. Mudgal, Evening News

"Chitra in Odissi shows remarkable artistic maturity."
- Ashish Khokar, First City Magazine

"The varnam element of elaborate abhinaya and nritta and even sculptural freezes were handled with finesse and ebullient confidence...Chitra's mime of of Lord Krishna and the Teermanams of nritta were unique for their sophistication and stylisation."
- Vasantha Iyer, Delhi Mid-Day Review